Due to many churches streaming their services at this time, I have received many requests for permission to stream my music.  YOU ARE HEREBY GIVEN PERMISSION TO STREAM ALL MUSIC FROM MUSICFROMRIVERSIDE.COM.
I am now
selling this music from
This online website allows you to download PDF files of scores. You have the option to print yourself or use a copy service.  Today, many are not printing at all, but playing from tablets.  This makes the music much cheaper than a publisher would charge.
In addition, accompanying instrumental parts, scripts, readings, etc. are available from to be freely downloaded.
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Music for performance for all occasions

      Choral, vocal solos, and Instrumental music

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Programs - music combined with readings
Tao Songs - Ten Verses from the Tao Te Ching for solo voice, viola, and piano (July, 2022)
Antiphon 1 for Speaker and Instruments Words by Chet Raymo (March 2022)
I Think I Could Turn and Live With Animals for SATB and Piano     Words by Walt Whitman (Feb. 2020)
New!  Now all music can be auditioned.  Just press on the sound button: example 
whenever you see it next to a title.
  Not all pieces have been recorded in performance,
and those that have not are played with electronic sounds imitating the sounds of instruments and voices. 
But at least you get some idea of the sound of the music.

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Thanks again,   Leslie Kleen