Love is the Magician

Love is the Magician for solo voice and piano
      The words are by Robert G. Ingersoll "The Great Agnostic" of the 19th Century
      They come from the book "The Works of Robert Green Ingersoll" (1907)
play sound  (not a recording, but an electronic version, so you can get an idea of the sound of the piece.)

Love is the magician,
the enchanter,
that changes worthless things into Joy,
and makes royal kings and queens of common clay.

Love is the perfume of that wondrous flower,
the heart,
and without that sacred passion,
that divine swoon,
we are less than beasts.

But with love,
Earth is heaven,
and we are gods.

The version for higher voices - Eb - F:

Love is the Magician for Solo Voice and Piano

For lower voices - C - D:

Love is the Magician for Low Voice and Piano