Music From Riverside     Closings


These are pieces appropriate for ending a service or meeting.

If You Came for SAATB a cappella

is a closing that includes persons of differing views - those who believe in God, but also those who do not:

If you came seeking the Holy,
May you find the footprints of the Divine on every path.
If you came, seeking to embrace life,
May life return your affection.
If you came, seeking a better way,
May a way be found for you,
And the courage to take it, step by step.

If You Greet the Day and Night for SATB a cappella
Live in the Present for SATB and Piano
(Both are the words of Henry Thoreau)

For the First Time, Awakening for SATB a cappella
(From Eight Short Poems by Sid Corman)