Eight Short Poems by Cid Corman


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Eight Short Poems

Eight Zen-like poems for SATB (and piano in some of them.)

1. Pointing out each raindrop in the field
the sun light remembers all is just the smallest part
of all.

2. The rain relentlessly effortless
It makes us look like fools trying so hard to
be what we are, which we are.

3.No one is content - for every breath
a breath is wanted.

4. Follow the stream.  Don't go -
but be going

5. Nothing more than this.  And this is enough.
But on one - short of death admits it.

6. For the first time awakening and seeing sky
and trees and here or there a bird - grass! dew!
And I am the seeing! How obvious it is that I
could never have imagined this.

7. To embrace a tree - how silly can one get -
yet, To  want to dance with it the way the wind's

8. I want nothing of the river and it clearly wants
nothing of me.  Yet as it flows out of the mountains
into my eyes the heart becomes a sea.