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Galileo - Birthday: February 15, 1564

Galilei Galileo was a devoted Catholic and a friend of Cardinals and Popes.  But what he saw through his telescope showed him that what the church established as the truth did not reflect what was really there.  He showed that the Earth was not the center of the universe, that the planets and the moon were not perfect - just like the Earth.   He tried to convince the church fathers, but they would not hear of it, and called him before the inquisition to renounce what he had seen and published.

In his series of poems called "The Starry Messenger", George Keithley presents Galileo's conflict, his confession, and his later regret for having given in to his fear.  It ends in triumph however, as his ideas are spread around the world

Galileo's Starry Messenger is a setting of the Keithley poems for either a staged or concert production.
Galileo - Speaking and Singing (Baritone)
SATB Chorus - Singing
Merchant, Clerics, Monks - Speaking
Daughter in Nun's Habit - Speaking
Narrator - Speaking

Instrumental Ensemble: String Quartet, Woodwind Quartet (flute, oboe, Bb Clarinet, bassoon) and piano.

Galileo's Starry Messenger Full Score

Galileo's Starry Messenger - Piano-Vocal Score

Instrumental Parts are available to download HERE.
Slides for Projection are available HERE.
(Example Scenes from a performance are available to view by clicking example below)

Individual pieces from "Galileo's Starry Messenger" available separately:
Must I Be Blind? for Galileo and Chorus with Piano  play 
 play    The Closed Globe of Thought Explodes for Galileo and Piano    video
 play  The Moon is Late for Galileo and Piano    video
 play     He Kneels Before Their Slippered Feet for Chorus and Piano   video
 play   Desire for SATB Chorus and Piano
play   Hope Alone Heals for Galileo and Piano