music from riverside  Music Videos

In the current environment, where many gatherings have had to be replaced by online meetings, there is a need for music that can be easily used in those online situations, which are very different from a group gathering.  The medium has its own unique requirements and demand a visual component which we do not need when we are meeting together. 

So, here are musical pieces - for general interludes or for specific occasions - with an appropriate visual component.  These are not videos of performances, but videos with music.  Usually that visual component is of nature because nature provides a welcome relief from the pressures of life, and an unlimited source of inspiration.

I have received numerous requests asking for permission to stream my music via Zoom, You Tube, or other online services.  You probably are aware that the normal permission for church, school, or other organization performances does not apply to streaming, and so one must have permission from the copyright owner in order to be sure that you are within the law.

Therefore, in compiling these music videos, I have used only music that I own the copyright as composer, arranger, or, for public domain pieces, the performance rights.  This means that you have permission to stream anything that you find here.  The visuals that are part of the music video are released for streaming also.

We only ask that you give attribution for anything that you use.  However, we have the widest scope for attribution.  Specifically, it does not need to be as part of the performance so it does not distract from the occasion in any way.  It can be any of the following:
1. included as part of separate announcements
2. identified in a newletter
3. indicated in the email notice about the event
4. listed in a printed program
5. or any other public notice about your organization

The music videos are provided here for you to preview.  It is important that for your use of them, you use the download button which will download a zip file containing both the video (an mp4 file) and the text file that contains attribution and source information, and you display the mp4 file from your own website or server.

This service is free for non-profit organizations, specifically, humanist and UU congregations.  It may be also be used by secular celebrants for Union/Weddings or Memorial services. We are not checking on you and trust that you will be providing attribution credits for all that you use.

If you have any questions, drop me a note:
Les Kleen