Music From Riverside     Nature

Earth Day - April 22

Be As Water Is for SATB and Piano
Noel McInnis suggests that we should adapt some characteristics of water.

The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls for SATB and Piano
The well-known poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
tells of time and tides.

The Stream of Life for TTBB and Piano
The poem by Tagore expresses the unity of life to include our lives.

Antiphon for Planet Earth for Piano Solo
A Lament for the Earth

In the Scenery of Spring for SATB and Piano
This Zen poem states that nothing is better, nothing worse.

Eight Short Poems for SATB and Piano
Most of these short poems by Cid Corman (zen-like) are about nature.

Songs from the Chinese include these songs about nature:
Spring Rain
The Pines
Joy of Fields and Gardens
The Rapids by the Luans
Magnolia Bank

We Saw the Sun Rise for SATB and Piano
Darwin's words express the beauty of the sunlight on the peak of Teneriffe.

The Elegance of the Grasses for Solo Tenor and Piano
Darwin is enthusiastic about the beauty of nature in Brazil.

Thoreau, in Walden is focused on nature in every song.