These are items combining spoken words and musical selections
                                     for specific occasions and celebrations

   WALDEN - by Henry Thoreau
        Musical numbers - Solos, Ensembles, Insturmental pieces alternating with readings.
        The words of all are by Henry Thoreau, most of which come from his book "Walden".
        Many readings are from his personal experience, and all music is in celebration of nature
           and his view of how life should be lived.

      It consists of 33 sections, readings alternating with music.  The music is available to be accompanied by
      orchestra or by piano only.  The Readings and orchestral parts are available to be freely downloaded
      here, and music scores are available in a variety of formats including score of individual pieces: WALDEN

    In Celebration of Albert Einstein
       This combines his statement of belief, short quotations of Einstein, and
       a musical piece, Our Circle of Compassion which is set to the words of Einstein,
       as well as other musical pieces:
       Many ideas, including atomic theory, were anticipated by Epicurus and put into
       words by Lucretius in his poem "The Nature of Things"
      The readings, Quotations and Statement of Belief, can be downloaded HERE.
   I Call That Mind Free: Our Humanist Heritage
     This is particularly the humanist heritage of the Unitarian Universalist  history, but includes
     many who were from outside that tradition such as Thomas Paine, Robert G. Ingersoll, and Mark Twain.
     It includes statements from many in the past who were fighting to free the closed mind.  Slides picturing
    each person can be projected during the reading of their statement.
      Musical pieces include:
       Sun and Moon  - SATB voices and piano - words by Lucretius
      The Gift of Life for Men's voices, tenor solo - words by Henry Thoreau
      Sages for solo voice - from Songs from the Chinese set in English by Kenneth L. Patton
      I Wanted to Live Deep for Tenor Solo, Words by Henry Thoreau
      Our Circle of Compassion for SATB voices and Piano, words by Albert Einstein

      The Readings and Slides (formatted as Power Point)  are available HERE.