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Winter Solstice - Typically December 21-23

Ages and ages before there was anything like Christmas, humans were aware that the days were getting shorter and there was much less sunlight in the northern hemisphere at this time of the year.  Despite the fact that every year it started getting light again, there was always the chance that this year it will not.  So the Solstice Ceremonies began.

The poet Ellin Carter begins with the legends from this time and imagines the response of early humans to this annual event.
How to prevent the sun from completely disappearing?
"Light Fires and Beat Drums"
"Scatter Darkness. This Way Daybreak Comes"

Solstice for SATB Chorus, Soprano and Baritone Solos, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Piano and optional percussion

Performance will require each the following scores:

Solstice Complete Scores for Singers and Conductor
Solstice Instrumental Parts Including optional percussion part
Solstice Piano Score