Music From Riverside     Tang Chinese Poets

The Tang Dynasty is said to be one of the peaks of artistic accomplishment in China.
These songs are all from Chinese poets of that period.  They include Li Po, Wang Wei,
Po Chu-I, Han Shan and Meng Hao-Jan.

The style of poetry is straight forward, simple, and short.

For example: Bamboo Grove House
   Alone among bamboo, remote,
   I sing my songs and pluck my lute.
   Deep in the woods, where none can see,
   The bright moon comes to shine on me.

These poems have been rendered into English verse by  Kenneth L. Patton.

There are 18 Songs, with the topics divided into three groups: Nature, Reflections, and Friendship

Songs from the Chinese for solo voice and guitar

Note: the Guitar part is for a Classical Guitar

Songs from the Chinese for solo voice and piano

    On Hearing Chun Play his Lute
    Spring Rain
    The Pines
    Joy of Fields and Gardens
    The Rapids by the Luans
    Magnolia Bank
    Three Poems
    Bamboo Grove House
    From a Maid to her Far Away Lover
    Free Flowing Water
    A Poem on Wine
    Waiting for my friend Ting
    Southern Hill
    My Chun-Nan Retreat
    Dogwood Bank
    A Night with a Friend