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Thanks for looking at the selection of music that I have here.  You might be interested in knowing a little about me - so, I am including a little bio information.

I am now retired from 32 years of teaching music and choral director.
After earning my PhD from the State University of New York at Buffalo, I was on the faculty at Ohio University, teaching composition, orchestration, electronic and computer music.  I took my sabbatical at Stanford University, and decided to change my occupation to software engineer, but still keeping in the music business as the choir director at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at Columbus, Ohio.  In that position, I focused on writing choral music in particular.

My composing experience is varied, including electronic and computer compositions, orchestral and instrumental compositions, songs, and of course,  a variety of choral music.  I had a very close relationship to the outstanding theater department at Ohio University, and wrote a lot of pieces for the productions there.

I wrote my first opera as an undergraduate at The University of Denver, and more recently, in Columbus Ohio, writing a musical in 1993, and in 2013, a music drama, "The Starry Messenger" about the life of Galileo.

My teachers include Normand Lockwood, Karel Husa, Lejaren Hiller, and Morton Feldman.  This is an extremely varied group, which has a lot to do with my love of a broad variety of music.

I continue to write music every year, and am always thinking about my next piece.
I would enjoy hearing from any of you.  
Please drop me a line: