music from riverside

       How Beautiful   [1050]    for SATB voices and Piano
COMPOSER Leslie Kleen
AUTHOR Mark Belletini and
Rabrindrath Tagore


The epic of evolution from the big bang through the present.
22 Pages 
Moderately difficult.
The main text comes from the poem "Evolution" by Mark Belletini which
comes from his collection of poems: "SONATA for VOICE and SILENCE" 2008
"How beautiful that, from timeless emptiness, from potential and possibility,
the universe opened like a lotus flower.
How beautiful that the stars whirled like dancers, and galaxies spread their arms
like dervishes to music no one could yet hear.
How beautiful that stones born in the womb of space gathered themselves up in a ring
around the newborn sun and solidfied into the vast globe
beneath the foundations of this building.
How beautiful that boiling seas yielded soft round life at last, which thickened into spines
and fins and gaping mouths, which struggled to the land and gazed up at the
steady stars without knowledge.
How beautiful that scales stretched into feathers, and eggs became pouches, became wombs,
which opened onto time and brought us forth with a shout."

(Tagore) "The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day,
runs through the entire world."

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