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       Five Songs from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
[1058]   for Soprano or Tenor and Piano

COMPOSER Leslie Kleen
AUTHOR Omar Khayyam
TRANSLATOR Edward Fitzgerald

Omar Khayyam was a mathematician, astronomer, and poet from Persia in the 11th century.
He was an agnostic or atheist, and did not believe in after life, and so his message is to live for today.
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Incorporates melismatic singing and long phrases
Range: C - F
Each piece is also available separately - see below
Also available a minor third lower for alto or baritone.
1. If I'm drunk on forbidden wine
2. Wake Up my darling
3. I shall stop trying to please everyone
4. My rule of life is to drink and be merry
5. This is the season for wine, roses

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